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CNC-200-9P busbar punching and shearing machine

Brand name: JINGPENG
Model Number:CNC-200-9P
MAX Working size:12*125mm
Function: Punching, shearing.
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Model Parameters

(1)  . CNC-200E-6P / CNC-200-9P Copper Busbar Punching Shearing Machine which with automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic punching, automatic shearing, automatic embossing, automatic replacement of mold/ dies, automatic delivery. It use High automatic system, Complete the whole process Automatically . High improve the efficiency.

(2)  . The machine consists of the feeding table, the mold/dies group , the delivery table, the hydraulic power unit, the servo control unit and the electric control cabinet. This machine is a three-dimensional machining unit consisting of three servo control axis and one hydraulic main axis, including X, Y feeding axis and Z mold/dies group axis. The finished material conveying shaft cooperates with each other to complete the processing of copper and aluminum.

(1). The CNC busbar punching and shearing line adopts double clamps (the main clamp and the auxiliary clamp).The inlet is the auxiliary clamp clamping the workpiece, and the outlet main clamp is driven by the servo motor to move the workpiece back and forth. The double clamp working mode can improve the stability of the work piece during punching and shearing, and improve the processing efficiency and precision. The maximum stroke of the clamp is 1900mm, and the double clamp automatically realizes the re-positioning process when processing materials of 1900mm or more than 1900mm.

(2). The CNC busbar punching and shearing line is controlled by Siemens CNC system. Our company has developed the system application software on the basis of the industrial computer. The operator only needs to compile a simple part processing program or directly carry out CAD drawing on the screen, then the processing program can be generated and cycled. It is also possible to input the drawn CAD drawings into the system to produce the workpiece according to the programs directly. The machine is simple and intuitive, easy to understand and operate. The core control components are all internationally famous brands, which reduces the failure rate in the later use of the equipment. For example, the operation of the machine tool is driven by Siemens AC servo motor, and the running mechanism is Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and linear guide rail, which runs smoothly and has high precision.

(3). The mold/dies group include six punches and one embossing mold (Or nine punches and one shearing), it can achieve different processing requirements of copper and aluminum, such as cutting, punching holes, oval holes, square holes, cutting corner and other processes. The shearing station adopts the punch-shearing mode, and there is no droops and no burrs after cutting, and the shearing effect is very good.

(4). Punching die is a self-developed product of our company. It is designed for the soft, sticky and easy card arrangement of copper and aluminum. The structure adopts special separation die for punching and punching, high-strength spring returning material, high concentration and not easy to be loose, non-card row, low cost and with many advantages, customers will no longer be bothered by the high cost of the mold/die in the future.

(5). The hydraulic part is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor to transmit the power to the
hydraulic cylinder through the control valve. It also has an oil temperature sensor (alarm when the oil temperature is too high or too low) and an air-cooled radiator, so that the hydraulic system of the machine can run safely and effectively for a long time.

(6). The machine frame is processed by steel plate after welding, and high temperature quenching, vibration aging and other processes are used to eliminate internal stress, which ensures that the frame will not be deformed for a long time.

1.   What is your payment terms:

40% TT as deposit, balance be paid when goods are ready for loading before shipment.

2.  What is your delivery time?

Usually within 7-20 days after the deposit.

3.  What is your power supply?

We will adjust according to your countries power supply. No problem.

4. What is your Min order quantity?

One set. Our customers can be end users, retailers and wholesalers.

5. If I buy your CNC busbar processing machine, will you offer me PLC backup?

Yes, we will.

6. Are all the Labels and instuctions of the machine in English?

Yes. the labels on the machine and the manuel books are all made in english version.

7. Besides this machine, do you have any other options for me?

We have dozens of options for you:

CNC busbar machine; Non- CNC busbar machine, combined busbar machine,busbar cutting tools, busbar bending tools, busbar punching tools.hydraulic pumps, hand pumps etc.

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